Has your hand injury been evaluated correctly?

Sonja Cerovac talks about the importance of hand injury evaluation in Spire St Anthony's Hospital GP Newsletter.

Hand injuries are common and even the most trivial ones can be annoying as interfering with invaluable tasks that hands perform for us on a daily basis. Delicate anatomy and biomechanics of the wrist and fingers provide us with amazing dexterity, strength and precision at the same time. Finesse may however; easily be compromised by trauma as scarring and stiffness inevitably accompany tissue damage. Tendon, nerves, ligaments, joints and bones are positioned relatively superficially, making the hand an organ susceptible to accidents. It is essential to seek specialist assessment and input early in order to ensure accurate initial evaluation and to avoid debilitating outcomes.

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Changes during Coronavirus Outbreak

Covid-19 pandemic has led to almost complete disruption of healthcare provision in the private sector over the last few weeks. To assist patients in these difficult times, I am offering virtual and/or telephone consultations for the follow up appointments and new patients in need of urgent interventions or simply wishing to discuss potential treatment in the future.

BAPRAS Winter Meeting 2019

Very pleased to have participated at the BAPRAS Winter Meeting with my own study at the upper limb section of the Congress.

BAPRAS announcement on breast implant safety

In collaboration with the MHRA, ABS and BAAPS, BAPRAS has recently announced a joint Association perspective on Breast Implant safety.

Surgeons save man’s hand after seventeen hours of surgery

A superb team effort in saving a carpenters hand after an amputation with a circular saw – proud to have been a member of this group.


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