BAPRAS announcement on breast implant safety

In collaboration with the MHRA, ABS and BAAPS, BAPRAS has recently announced a joint Association perspective on Breast Implant safety.

In response to ongoing concerns about Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), current advice from MHRA and all regulators world-wide is that those patients who have breast implants do not need to have them removed as the risks associated with surgery to remove implants and capsules outweigh the risks of potential disease. Should any of my patients who have undergone cosmetic breast augmentationin the past have concerns and/or develop breast symptoms such as swelling, lumps or pain, please feel free to contact my secretary and arrange  free follow up review.

BAPRAS statement can be accessed here http://www.bapras.org.uk/media-government/news-and-views/view/bia-alcl-update-for-abs-baaps-and-bapras-members

Ten year study on use of special implants for thumb arthritis published in JHS

In my practice, interposition arthroplasty using pyrocarbon implants still represents a useful and reliable treatment option in the surgical treatment of early thumb basal joint arthritis.

Advances in Hand Surgery 2021 

I was delighted to participate in Advances in Hand Surgery Course which connected virtually so many surgeons, trainees and therapists over the last 3 days.

Practice reopening

As lockdown restrictions ease off, we are able to welcome new and follow up patients again.

Changes during Coronavirus Outbreak

Covid-19 pandemic has led to almost complete disruption of healthcare provision in the private sector over the last few weeks.


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