Aesthetic Surgery

Mass media depictions of cosmetic surgery often impact negatively on public perception of the specialty. Aesthetic procedures can work miracles: not only genuinely lead to remarkable physical improvements, but also revive one’s self-esteem and confidence which are even more important. We should not be too judgmental about cosmetic surgery, but accept that modern medicine can improve quality of life and make us feel better, not simply treat illnesses. In my practice, patients who have undergone successful cosmetic intervention are among the most satisfied and grateful patients I have had the privilege to treat.

Hospital stay Day care for upper eyelids, one night stay if lower eyelids are operated
Anaesthetic General for 4 lids; Local for upper lids only
Surgery time 1.5-2 hours
Wound healing 7 days
Shower / Bath from week 1
Time off work 2-3 weeks
Sports and exercise from week 2
Driving 1 week
Full recovery 2-3 weeks

Urgent concern after your surgery ?
Please ring the hospital where you have been operated on or my secretary and they will get in touch with me