Being a doctor is an honourable and responsible job but, above all, a huge privilege. This belief is a constant inspiration for my practice, which is run with honesty, empathy for my patients and plenty of common sense.

To Sonja, Thank you for my brilliant care and treatment. You were an absolute wonder ! Very best wishes,


Many thanks for completing the procedure to remove the cyst from the top of my head. I could not be happier with the result. The care you took to explain everything as we went along made the experience far less stressful than I could have imagined. The wound is now completely healed and invisible to everyone other than my hair dresser! Perfect.


I was delighted with the outcome of the surgery to correct the Dupuytrens contracture of my right-hand little finger.  This was the third time I had had surgery on that hand for this condition (previously performed by other surgeons) and I know that this kind of revision is much more challenging than the original operation.

As a musician and writer, I spend a lot of my time at different types of keyboard and having bent fingers is more than just a nuisance.  This latest surgery has straightened the affected finger, which was bent to almost 90 degrees.  Now, less than three weeks after the operation, I am using it almost as well as before the disease caused it to bend.

The skin graft has taken well and I am much relieved to know that this should act as a ‘firewall’, greatly reducing the likelihood of the condition recurring.

I was also very pleased with the post-operative care I received from the hand therapy unit at Epsom Hospital.


Dear Miss Cerovac

Thank you so much for removing the cyst from my face. I was so worried about having it done as I was told so often that it couldn’t be removed. You made me feel very calm when I was nervous of the operation and you were very kind. This scar is amazing and I’m so glad I found you to do the operation for me. The whole process was so surprisingly easy, you are exceptionally talented. Thank you again so very much. Best wishes.


Sonja, I am very happy to be spotless! Thank you very much for bringing this about.


Sear Ms Cerovac,

Thank you so much for what you have done for me and for taking the risk !

I think you might have well changed my life and for that I am grateful + in owe of your skill!

Besh wishes,