Leave from April 2024

March 2024

I am on a professional leave from the UK from April 2024 and unable to handle patients queries. If you need any advice, please feel free to consult one of my Plastic Surgery or Orthopaedics colleagues at Parkside, Spire St Anthony’s, Ashtead or King Edward Hospitals. Details of my new overseas practice will be posted shortly.

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Joint replacement surgery for thumb arthritis – practice modifications

April 2023

Our department recently commenced a prospective audit on use of two component carpo-metacarpal prosthesis, in management of thumb basal joint arthrosis. Thumb osteoarthritis is a common condition and many patients are in need of surgical input in order to alleviate disability. Immediate and 6 months post surgery results presented below, are encouraging, but monitoring continues.

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New modified rehabilitation regime for internally fixed metacarpal fractures

June 2022

Metacarpal fractures account for 40% of all hand injuries and up to 44% of all hand fractures. While we are still collecting and processed data, preliminary results are suggesting that splint is neither needed, nor beneficial for patients who have undergone uncomplicated, rigid, internal fixation of metacarpal fractures.

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Ten year study on use of special implants for thumb arthritis published in JHS

March 2021

In my practice, interposition arthroplasty using pyrocarbon implants still represents a useful and reliable treatment option in the surgical treatment of early thumb basal joint arthritis.

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Advances in Hand Surgery 2021 

February 2021

I was delighted to participate in Advances in Hand Surgery Course which connected virtually so many surgeons, trainees and therapists over the last 3 days.

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Practice reopening

July 2020

As lockdown restrictions ease off, we are able to welcome new and follow up patients again.

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Changes during Coronavirus Outbreak

April 2020

Covid-19 pandemic has led to almost complete disruption of healthcare provision in the private sector over the last few weeks.

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BAPRAS Winter Meeting 2019

December 2019

Very pleased to have participated at the BAPRAS Winter Meeting with my own study at the upper limb section of the Congress.

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BAPRAS announcement on breast implant safety

November 2019

In collaboration with the MHRA, ABS and BAAPS, BAPRAS has recently announced a joint Association perspective on Breast Implant safety.

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Practice Locations


At the moment we are not handling patients queries.

If you need any advice please refer to the Practice locations section above or Hospitals page to consult one of the colleges at Parkside, Spire St Anthony’s, Ashtead or King Edward Hospitals.

Details of Sonja’s future practice will be posted shortly.