I 68 years old and a cabinet maker, I amputated my thumb in a workshop accident in January 2017. I was immediately taken to St Georges, where, about three hours later, Ms Cerovac and her team commenced replanting my thumb. The care I received in all departments at St George’s was exemplary both during my stay and since in after care. I feel that the care and attention given to me greatly enhanced my positive attitude towards recovery. I started back to work in a small way within weeks and now I am operating full time as normal, and while working I rarely notice that I have damaged my thumb. Just recently I have begun to be able to fasten my shoelaces and shirt buttons. I am also able to play my Northumberland smallpipes, much to the disappointment of my family. I am extremely grateful to have had my thumb re attached and eternally grateful to Ms Cerovac for agreeing to do it.