I had reached a point where the Dupyutren’s contracture in the third finger on my right hand had bent and locked to 60-70 degrees. Finger deformity began to seriously impact upon my ability to do my job and to carry out ordinary everyday tasks.I was facing the end of my career as a performing pianist / musical director and conductor.

Following initial consultation with Miss Cerovac at St. George’s my surgery was conducted in early June 2017. By August after diligently following the rehabilitation program expertly provided to me by the surgery staff I was able to play the piano again and by September I was back touring the world as a professional musician.

I cannot overstate the transformative nature of this surgery. On every level both professionally and personally it has changed my life. On account of the efforts and skill of Miss Cerovac alongside the support of her team I am still able to work in the job I love. Thank you.