Being a doctor is an honourable and responsible job but, above all, a huge privilege. This belief is a constant inspiration for my practice, which is run with honesty, empathy for my patients and plenty of common sense.

I feel so grateful to you and your colleagues for your skillful surgical treatment. What a wonderful example of surgical technique. I’m delighted to report that my hand has greatly improved and I’m playing the piano again with great pleasure!


Dear Sonja, thank you for your openess in helping me, your kindness and your time – and for the occasional joke in the operating room to calm my nerves. I have infinate gratitude for all your support.


I really wanted to thank you for sorting my son’s problem so efficiently. Wound has healed beautifully too. I am so grateful for your immediate action after many days wasted at various hospitals


I had reached a point where the Dupyutren’s contracture in the third finger on my right hand had bent and locked to 60-70 degrees. Finger deformity began to seriously impact upon my ability to do my job and to carry out ordinary everyday tasks.I was facing the end of my career as a performing pianist / musical director and conductor.

Following initial consultation with Miss Cerovac at St. George’s my surgery was conducted in early June 2017. By August after diligently following the rehabilitation program expertly provided to me by the surgery staff I was able to play the piano again and by September I was back touring the world as a professional musician.

I cannot overstate the transformative nature of this surgery. On every level both professionally and personally it has changed my life. On account of the efforts and skill of Miss Cerovac alongside the support of her team I am still able to work in the job I love. Thank you.


I 68 years old and a cabinet maker, I amputated my thumb in a workshop accident in January 2017. I was immediately taken to St Georges, where, about three hours later, Ms Cerovac and her team commenced replanting my thumb. The care I received in all departments at St George’s was exemplary both during my stay and since in after care. I feel that the care and attention given to me greatly enhanced my positive attitude towards recovery. I started back to work in a small way within weeks and now I am operating full time as normal, and while working I rarely notice that I have damaged my thumb. Just recently I have begun to be able to fasten my shoelaces and shirt buttons. I am also able to play my Northumberland smallpipes, much to the disappointment of my family. I am extremely grateful to have had my thumb re attached and eternally grateful to Ms Cerovac for agreeing to do it.


I was listed for Surgery a year after conservative management following a Martial Arts injury failed to resolve my symptoms. The symptoms that I had experienced was a feeling of instability and reduced confidence at using my wrist. These symptoms were worse when trying to complete my job as a respiratory physiotherapist, where my hand and upper limb function is key.

The experience of Miss Cerovac pre operatively was great and gave a very realistic view of surgery, and potentially its inability to resolve symptoms.
My expectations were related to increased stability and confidence in using my hand, with a potential loss of range as a consequence.

When waking from the operation to find a keyhole approach was extended to an open procedure, Initially pain was the main symptom, but still able to move which I started straight away ( with my job in mind).

First few weeks was tough, getting sleeves on and sleeping, which was uncomfortable.
When I started Hand therapy, the improvements came thick and fast, and I regained my range of movement and subsequent strength over the next 4-6 months, returning to full clinical duties on 13th August as planned. The only symptom, which is minor, is occasional lack of proprioception, but this is improving.

The overall result is 100 % improvement in my initial symptoms, with no reduction in range of movement and full return to work and sport.

I would like to pass on my thanks to Miss Cerovac and her team for the best surgical result and complete improvement to my symptoms.