I was delighted with the outcome of the surgery to correct the Dupuytrens contracture of my right-hand little finger.  This was the third time I had had surgery on that hand for this condition (previously performed by other surgeons) and I know that this kind of revision is much more challenging than the original operation.

As a musician and writer, I spend a lot of my time at different types of keyboard and having bent fingers is more than just a nuisance.  This latest surgery has straightened the affected finger, which was bent to almost 90 degrees.  Now, less than three weeks after the operation, I am using it almost as well as before the disease caused it to bend.

The skin graft has taken well and I am much relieved to know that this should act as a ‘firewall’, greatly reducing the likelihood of the condition recurring.

I was also very pleased with the post-operative care I received from the hand therapy unit at Epsom Hospital.