Hand & Wrist Surgery

Healthy hands are essential to our everyday functioning and wellbeing – Just consider how few are the moments when you are not using your hands to do something. Yet usually we only recognise how invaluable our hands are once they are injured or in pain. Repetitive loading of the wrist, hands and/or fingers over the years may easily lead to premature wear of joints and tendons. Bear that in mind whenever you feel pain in your hands during demanding tasks – perhaps jobs can be done differently and hands nurtured for a change.

Hospital stay Day care
Anaesthetic General or Regional Anaesthesia
Surgery time 60-90 minutes
Healing Skin - 2 weeks; Ligaments - 8-12 weeks
Splintage finger splint for 1-2 weeks
Hand therapy 8-12 weeks
Washing from week 3
Time off work 2 weeks for office based work; 8 weeks for manual work
Sports and exercise from week 12
Driving The hand needs to have full control of the vehicle and you should be able to make an emergency stop. This is usually between 5-8 weeks. Please check details with your insurance company
Full recovery 8-12 weeks

Urgent concern after your surgery ?
Please ring the hospital where you have been operated on or my secretary and they will get in touch with me